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AZSBDC Clean Technology Grant Program


The AZSBDC Clean Technology Program is a high impact, focused initiative created to move research and innovation in clean technology into the private sector and provide educational programming to innovators and entrepreneurs.

Our Signature Program Offers

  • Rigorous One-on-One Coaching — To help new and existing clean tech businesses refine their business  concepts and strategies, including corporate structure and business planning. This may include analyzing business model options such as licensing or build/sell.
  • In Depth Workshops — To help Arizona entrepreneurs develop business plans that are aimed at accessing federal funding programs that can finance early stages of technology and product development (SBIR and STTR).
  • Mentoring Program — Provides clean tech companies with the counsel they need to build their ventures
    into successful enterprises.
  • Intellectual Property (IP) Portfolio Management Program — Provides researchers and innovators with access to a free initial consultation with an IP attorney who can help them design a technology licensing strategy.
  • Investor Readiness Program — An educational program designed to teach the basics of angel investing through instruction, exercises and coaching on pitching and presenting, complete with real-time feedback from real coaches and investors.
  • Our “Connector and Convener” Program — Which provides opportunities for innovators and entrepreneurs to access Subject Matter Experts (SME), meet local entrepreneurs and connect with each other and similarly-focused companies throughout the region.

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  • To develop emerging clean technology companies that will create capital formation, sales and jobs that benefit the Arizona economy;
  • To move research & development in renewable energy and clean technologies into viable products and services, thereby creating a synergistic economic cluster of related companies and a new source of jobs and markets;
  • To create a sustainable knowledge-based economy, based on the creation of a thriving renewable and clean technology sector;
  • To create and provide easy access to a support network of organizations providing information and resources on education, counseling, training, alliances and investing for clean tech entrepreneurs;
  • To conduct innovative research projects that foster marketable ideas for innovation;
  • To provide innovative strategic alliances between large and small companies that will increase the number of successful ‘to market’ outcomes throughout Arizona.

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Target Audience

The AZSBDC’s Clean Tech Initiative was created to facilitate the development and growth of businesses that dramatically reduce the use of natural resources and cut or eliminate greenhouse gas emission through their development and commercialization of clean technology products, goods, services and processes that use renewable energy sources.

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Types of Assistance

The AZSBDC’s Clean Tech Initiative provides a wide range of assistance (mostly free of charge) to eligible businesses through one-on-one counseling sessions, classes, seminars and matchmaking events. These activities will be complemented by special projects that provide benefits to small businesses that might not otherwise be available to them.


Specific Program Services Include:

Technology Assessment: Select businesses will complete a base-line assessment using the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) assessment tool used by the U.S. Department of Defense and many major corporations to determine the maturity of the technologies in development. Each company will be assigned an AZSBDC Network Business Analyst, who will meet with the business owners to determine their current TRL and work with them to create an action plan to develop a market-ready clean technology product or service that is attractive to potential investors.

Intellectual Property: Quarterly seminars train participating business owners in the basics of patents and IP portfolio management. These seminars will be broadcast as a webinar, recorded and then posted on a designated website to assure accessibility to all participating businesses.Each business owner will also have an opportunity to meet with a qualified patent consultant or attorney on a one-on one basis to discuss the particular needs of his or her business.

Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR): Classes in SBIR concepts and methodology will be held once each quarter. These classes will be broadcast as a webinar, recorded and then posted on a designated website in order to that all selected businesses have an opportunity to participate. Each business owner will continue to meet with their designated Business Analyst to determine their company’s progress, track its evolving TRL level and assist the owner with any ongoing challenges or issues that he or she may be facing.

Strategic Alliances: The AZSBDC has partnered with several outside organizations, experts and consultants. These subject matter experts (SMEs) will provide program assistance in the areas of patent approval and protection, intellectual portfolio management, SBIR/STTR, beta testing programs and networking with potential clients and investors.

Business Model Development: Each selected business will participate in the AZSBDC Network’s Comprehensive Action Plan Plus (CAPP) program. The Comprehensive Action Plan program is designed to serve as an educational tool that enables the owners of small to medium-sized businesses to assess strengths and weaknesses within their organizations and identify gaps in the functions of management and managerial skill sets. This assessment is used to develop a set of recommendations which are incorporated into an action plan for the business.

Preparation for Investors: At the completion of the program, each selected business will complete a follow-up TRL assessment to determine if the business is ready to be presented to potential investors. The business owners will meet with an AZSBDC Network Business Analyst to identify any gaps or outstanding issues that still need to be addressed. Once the business is determined to be investor-ready, the owners will be invited to participate in a series of mock presentations for a panel of AZSBDC counselors and outside investment consultants to help them prepare for presentations to actual investors.


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