Friends of Small Business Advisory Board

Arizona Friends of Small Business Advisory Board (Friends) is a statewide board of recognized business leaders that advises the AZSBDC Network. Founded in 1996, Friends works with the AZSBDC to increase the scope and effectiveness of the assistance that it provides to current and prospective business owners.

The Friends Advisory Board meets quarterly and includes up to 25 Arizona small business champions — accomplished business executives, administrators and government officials who support, train and educate small business owners. Members volunteer for two-year appointments. Many accept invitations to extend their tenure. Legislative, municipal and private-sector leaders often attend Friends meetings to be briefed on small business issues and concerns.

The U.S. Small Business Administration honored Friends at its 1998 National Vision 2000 Conference at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The AZSBDC has also presented Friends as a model of excellence at national SBDC conferences.

  • Evaluate the Network’s services and strategies for improvement that will better help Arizona’s small businesses start, grow, prosper and build legacies;
  • Increase awareness of the AZSBDC Network and its importance by educating private and public constituencies on the Network’s economic impact in the communities that it serves;
  • Work to secure funding and resources that meet the needs of a growing, entrepreneurial state; and
  • Celebrate AZSBDC achievements that inspire excellence.

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