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What We Do

SBA Report Documents Success of SBDC Programs and Services. Read more here.

Read the full Report Here: The SBDC Program: An Indispensable Partner in America’s Economic Development

Our statewide network offers a wide range of services, including:

  • Free One-on-One Business Counseling;
  • Workshops and Training Programs;
  • Business Plan Assistance;
  • Market Feasibility and Research;
  • Marketing Strategy Development;
  • Cash Flow Analysis;
  • Financial Projections Development;
  • Identifying Sources of Capital;
  • SBA Loan Assistance;
  • Business Assessment;
  • Import and Export Assistance;
  • Inventory Control Assessment;
  • Technology Development;
  • Preparing for Government Contracting;
  • Applying for WBE Certification.

Any existing small business or aspiring entrepreneur in Arizona may receive free counseling assistance from a member of the AZSBDC Network. Minimal fees may be charged for workshops or other training programs.

“The AZSBDC is the only statewide system that works with entrepreneurs in all industries and in all stages of business development. We work with the SBA and our host partners to promote entrepreneurship, economic sustainability and growth across Arizona.”

AZSBDC Mission Statement
With an entrepreneurial spirit, the AZSBDC Network provides high impact, quality counseling services and training to help small business owners achieve their goals, thereby strengthening the Arizona economy. We greatly value our stakeholders, supporters and small business community resource partners and work with them to improve our communities by facilitating small business and entrepreneurial initiative and success.

We have what your business needs to succeed … from A to Z!

Free One-on-One Business Counseling

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Workshops & Training Programs

All AZSBDC programs are non-discriminatory and open to the public. Reasonable arrangements for persons with disabilities will be made if requested in advance.

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Technology Development

AZSBDC Technology Specialists provide businesses with one-on-one counseling to assist in the development and commercialization of innovative technologies. Our technology team also provides assistance to technology transfer offices at universities and other institutions to aid in their business development assistance programs.

Who We Serve

  • Businesses using science, technology, or engineering for development purposes;
  • Institutions or organizations supporting technology development and commercialization.

Our clients are engaged in biosciences information technology and other
high-tech areas.
Learn about our Clean Tech Initiative HERE.

What We Do

AZSBDC Technology Specialists provide management counseling and education services with an emphasis in the following areas:

Technology Transfer

  • New product development / commercialization strategies;
  • Strategic and business planning;
  • Technology marketing; and
  • Licensing strategy.

Intellectual Property issues

  • Basics of patenting/trademarks/copyrights;
  • Intellectual Property marketing; and
  • Licensing basics.

Networking/Resource identification

The AZSBDC helps technology businesses identify and use Arizona’s extensive network of technical and business resources.

Quick Definitions:

Technology Development – The use of science to conceptualize and create novel products and services with the broadest possible applications.

Technology Transfer – The effort required to move a promising technology or science from the conceptual and research stages to a product or service that is marketable and provides a basis for business.

Technology Commercialization – The movement of technologies into the economy. Technology may emanate from a research institution in one geographical region but be utilized elsewhere. A good technology commercialization program ensures that applicable technologies get deployed in regions both inside and outside Arizona, wherever the best opportunities exist.

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